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Please read some testimonials below from my clients:


” For as long as I can remember, shopping has felt like a chore. I was always amazed to find that friends of mine used this `chore` as a regular happy pastime. I have absolutely no fashion sense. I kind of know what I like but don`t know if it suits me or not? My girlfriends despair with me! Every time a new social work event was due I looked at the dress code required and would literally drag myself around the shops, exhausted at the prospect of another wasted day! I usually came back with absolutely nothing for my efforts!

Puzzled with the endless different looks, annoyed with the lack of choice for my tiny frame and overwhelmed with the pressure to get it age appropriate, I concluded enough was enough and decided to ask an expert! After a few initial email exchanges, I spent a day with Andrea.

Going to Andrea`s was like popping in to an old school friends for a warm and friendly catch up. I learned more about myself over that morning than in the whole of the last 42 years. I only wish I had gone sooner.

I now have a handy colour swatch chart to shop with. I know how to dress and what to steer clear of.

There is nothing wrong with my height or size or hair colour, body shape or proportions, it just needs to be complimented with the `right` wardrobe! The meeting is so informative. We covered so much more than the colours of the clothes, topics that I have never even considered – face shape, jewellery and accessories. Length of sleeves, neck lines, footwear, cut of clothing, hair colour, make up, print and patterns, scarves, coats…. the list goes on!

I have left Andrea`s eager to clear out my wardrobe, excited to pair items I already own with complimentary additions and I am even keen to shop again!

For anyone that needs a little bit of guidance or those of you, like me who are completely clueless, do yourself a favour and ask someone in the know!

Thanks again Andrea. I consider things we have talked about every time I get dressed, apply makeup and while browsing the internet!

I feel confident to make better choices for myself which is totally new to me. I know that now when I shop you will be in my mind, nudging me in the right direction!!”  Westbury


“I was nervous, and if I’m honest a little sceptical, about the benefits of Image and Impressions. I thought I had a good idea of what suited me and was uncertain that the consultation would bring out anything new. However, Andrea was very clear in her explanation of the process and ensured that it made sense; she wouldn’t move on until I’d understood each stage. The final outcome did not match my preconceptions and has proved very useful during my subsequent searches for additions to my wardrobe.  It also gave me the confidence to remove some older items from my wardrobe, which my husband has since confessed he was never keen on! oh, and I love  having  my own personal colour cards to hand when shopping for the ‘new me’ pieces!” Shrewsbury


“I had a brilliant morning with Andrea – she really opened my eyes to the world of colour and how huge an impact it can have on how you look. It’s been useful to put into practice and her warm and friendly approach made the whole experience so relaxed and comfortable – hoping to book another consultation soon!” C Shrewsbury


“We had a joint session and really enjoyed the consultations! I thought we would be the same colours, but we are actually different and can see why after Andrea explained the effect of colour. It did feel like we had been trained to really understand what colours worked well and we love the swatch booklet we got too! I would definitely recommend a session as Andrea put us at ease and worked with what us as individuals” Telford


“I had my style session with Andrea and it has really helped me when buying clothes now as I didn’t really understand my body shape and why some clothes made me look awful! Andrea explained in detail about my shape and also about scarves, handbags and jewellery too. I feel much more confident when shopping now and buy clothes that suit me and not just following fashion – I have stopped wasting money on the wrong clothes!” Shifnal